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Ground Fault Detection / Protection

IMAC Electrical is the Authorized Integrator for I-GARD (formerly "IPC Resistors Inc.), the largest resistor manufacturer in Canada.  As an Integrator we are able to provide a solution that will fit any requirement and budget.

As an Integrator we provide a wide variety of products including a complete neutral grounding resistor line, harmonic filters, dynamic brakes and resistive load banks as well as ground fault protection, detection and location systems.  As an Integrator we are able to provide a solution that will fit any requirement and budget.

Below is a chart outlining the various electrical systems and how ground faults affect each one.  As you will notice high resistance grounding is by far the most effective way to protect personnel, equipment and processes.

Productivity Impact System Type
Ungrounded System Solidly Grounded System Low Resistance Grounded System High Resistance Grounded System
Equipment Damage Over-voltages Severe None Limited Limited
Over current damage at point of fault Unknown Severe Minimal None
Maintenance Costs High Reasonable Reasonable Low
Downtime Continuous Operation with Ground Fault Possible but not recommended Not Possible Not Possible Ideal
Relay Coordination    ( appropriate equipment tripped, Ease of fault location) Difficult Difficult Good Excellent
Safety To Personnel Poor Good Reasonable Excellent

We provide ground fault locating services with the IPC Turbo Sleuth, that can be temporarily installed on ungrounded 600V to 480V systems.  This allows our qualified personnel to find the fault quickly and efficiently without disruption to your processes.

Here are just a few of I-GARD quality products we sell. Visit their  website at www.i-gard.com

  Turbo Sleuth  Braking Resistors Resistor  Banks Relays  Sleuth



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Last modified: May 26, 2006