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Computer, Communications, Networking Cable Installation and Services

Installation and testing of cabling to  repair/replacement of existing cabling we can assist your facility. 

  • Cat 5 cable

  • Fibre Optic Cable

  • Coaxial Cable

  • Optical fibre installation and testing

  • Hubs, switches and hardware

  • Patch/fly leads

  • Copper and fibre cabling

  • Wireless LANs

Structured Cabling EXPANSION Solutions: 

Where a structured cabling solution already in place has reached point capacity, we  can supply a number of expansion options, avoiding the need for costly re-cabling:

  • Port Splitter solutions - allows multiple devices (such as PCs, telephones etc) to share a single Ethernet cable

  • Wireless LAN expansion

  • Additional hardware expansion options

We are fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools to test for damage or problems with cabling, seek out problems related to power issues (harmonics, surges, noise etc.)


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Last modified: May 26, 2006