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Electrical inspections are one of the most potentially money saving functions for a facility.  

Thermal Imaging Programs have become a crucial part of these inspections.  In order to have a comprehensive predictive maintenance program Thermal Infrared Inspections should be considered.   The potential cost savings due to increased and more efficient production will increase when Infrared is employed in your preventive maintenance programs.

Benefits of a Thermal Imaging Program are listed for your review.

 Reduced Unscheduled Downtime

Find and resolve potential problems before they cause a breakdown or equipment failure.  These discrepancies can be repaired during scheduled shutdown and repair parts can be ordered ahead of time.

Increase Effectiveness of Maintenance Personnel
Pinpoint the problems, allowing the maintenance team to spend time fixing only the problems. 

Reduced Inventory Costs
Gives you advance warning of a potential problem and failure of parts and machinery.  In most cases, there is enough lead-time to secure the materials needed to correct the problem.   The number of spare parts kept in inventory will be reduced since they would no longer be needed immediately when the system failed without warning.

Plant and Equipment Safety
Anytime equipment reliability is improved and the odds for accidents decrease.  


Two Identical Motors under the same conditions above,                 Loose Lug Connection on High Voltage

one on the left indicates failure is imminent.                                   switch. Photo courtesy of Flir systems.

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Last modified: May 26, 2006